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Title: What is DarkTerra?
Post by: Athion on February 18, 2013, 04:39:13 PM
What is it you ask? Well, as it says on the front page : Darkterra is a Pen and Paper role playing game, developed by avid gamers with decades of experience with a vast array of gaming systems. The system is fast paced, but realistic, and every single action can be resolved with the rolling of 2 dice.

But what does that mean? Well, when I started the work on the game, I had finally gotten tired of looking for that one system that I preferred above all others. If the combat system was good, the skills sucked, or if the skill system was great, combat was a drag, or I didnt like the dicing convention, or I didnt like the complexity of the combat or the simplicity of... you get the idea. Every system out there was missing something. So, I had an idea. I'd make my own. I roped in some really good friends of mine (people Ive been gaming with since the early '80's) and we started on a project that would last for years... in fact, its still not done :) What is done, is quite a lot. The current iteration of the rules as of this writing is 160+ pages. The system has been playtested and tweaked...

As for the system.. I think its about as close to my ideal of the perfect system as it gets. Now, thats not to say it IS perfect, or even better than all others. I mean I like it the best. The combat system is very quick to resolve, with reasonably accurate results. A 10 on 10 combat can be resolved in its entirety in about 20 minutes (less if you're very conversant with the rules). And the only dice you will ever need are a pair of D10. Thats it... for everything. Skills are resolved with Percentile and damage is calculated using a unique "Tier" system.

So please, check out the rules, (they are available in the Download section) and let us know what you think!
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