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Complete Site redesign. New theme, new software, new Logo! Please register if you want to download the rules!  If you need to email the Admin, click here

Darkterra is a Pen and Paper role playing game, developed by avid gamers with decades of experience with a vast array of gaming systems. The system is fast paced, but realistic, and every single action can be resolved with the rolling of 2 dice. 

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Author Topic: DarkTerra Updates Archive  (Read 8236 times)


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DarkTerra Updates Archive
« on: February 18, 2013, 04:47:26 PM »

Hopefully I'll be updating more, and I dont want to slam users with a massive wall of text on the front page, so periodically I'll move older updates off that page and put them here...

In case anyone is REALLY bored and needs some extra reading :p

Making updates so people dont think the site is completely dead. I was getting hammered by spammers at the rate of 300 a day, so I disabled registration for a while. I'll probably turn it back on soon though...
Yes, I have actually done some work on the game, but nothing groundbreaking. Still working on getting all my old random tables into a decent looking digital format. My goal is to have it up on the site by the end of the month. Also, I added the Tapatalk mod to the site, so if you have an iPhone, Blackberry or Android based phone, you NEED to get the tapatalk app, it just rocks 
I know the site looks like it died, but it honestly hasnt. I just got tangled up in RL and a heavy World of Warcraft addiction  But I am now back to working on the game again. Might not be a ton of updates, but at least know that work continues... oh, and as for all the spammers that seem to want to post here, stop. Just stop. Im deleting your registrations as fast as you put them up and banning entire hostnames. There is NO percentage in you continuing to try. so Stop.
Falling Damage finally added to the system (yeah, I know... but it's in there now!). New Rules (both zip and pdf) have been uploaded. I also have the rough draft on paper for explosives and shrapnel type weapons. They will probably be going up this week sometime barring anything unusual. Rules are now at V. 1.1
Major Update to the system in place. All Charts, and the Full Rules have been updated, you know the drill, if you have an old copy, it's time to redownload. Also, this version I've finally remembered to add a version number. For lack of a better place to start, I started at 1.0.
The rudiments of the Magic System has been created, but very little is in the book... hopefully that will change shortly.
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